Cultural Xpression May 2018 – SXM Loses an Icon, RIP Paben

In this months edition of Cultural Xpression News-magazine, Would like to express our sincere condolences to the Friends and Family of the late Roland Bryson aka Pa Ben. St Maarten has lost an icon, one that will be very much hard to replace. This is because Mr Bryson did not only play an amazing role… The post Cultural Xpression May 2018 – SXM Loses an Icon, RIP Paben appeared first on St Maarten Argriculture.


Cultural Xpression Celebrating 4 Years – Exclusive Interview Mr Stanley Lint – St Maarten Argriculture

In APRIL 2018 edition of Cultural Xpression we get to share a bit of what went on in the month of April 2018 to the general pubic . We also got a chance to touch base with a very promising young man. A man that allowed his mistakes to become his success, a man that finds the answers he is looking for within nature, a man that thinks outside the box! Just an average man with an extraordinary way of thinking, Mr Stanley Lint Owner of STM Shipping N.V. and now president of the St Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Here is your chance to get a bit closer to those that are looking forward to making small changes to harvest many big rewards for county St Maarten. Most of the time all they need is the right chance to do the right things..
We introduce to you Mr Stanley Lint… Read More

Cultural Xpression March 2018 – Interview with Dr Natasha Gittens – St Maarten Argriculture

In this months edition of Cultural Xpression we get a chance to catch up to an amazing lady that has been doing so much behind the scenes on St Maarten. Dr. Gittens is the author of the best seller, e Pie Philosophy, and the President & CEO of Training Professionals International Firm, (TPI) and President……Read More

Cultural Xpression February 2018 Edition | St Maarten Agriculture

As Spaceless Garden comes close to ending its volunteer program over the past 3 months, it has been quite a journey for everyone getting the farm all cleaned up and ready for more cultivation… Wyatte along with volunteers have made tremendous progress over the past few weeks and are in full gear to move forward.

From getting a visit from the Current Education Minister Ms Jorien Wuite to delivering fresh produce to the Minister of VROMI Mr. Miklos Gitterson, to help him get a better understanding of the importance of St Maarten using its agri-cultural reserved land for cultivation…Wyatte expressed that he is proud of all the volunteers that are participating and hope that they can soon be a bit more settled after all the cleaning up to focus on expanding crop production…..Read More

Interview Fat Stash – Cultural Xpression Nov 2017 – Caribbean World Charts

Caribbean artist always seem to bring the right touch to the party. CX brings you closer to some of your favorite Afro-Caribbean artist on the map. This month we touch base with rising star JULA FATSTASH, Caribbean artist of Jamaican descendant currently residing in the Netherlands.

Cultural Xpression November 2017 Edition – St Maarten Argriculture

Cultural Xpression would like to wish everyone a strong recovery after the passing of Hurricane Irma. Although the hurricane has displaced many of us and our loved ones, she has never the less placed us on grounds for new beginnings, new opportunities and a chance once again to start a clean slate with oneself…. Lets Make #sxmstrong

Cultural Xpression July 2017 Edition – St Maarten Argriculture

On Sunday July 23, 2017, the St Peters community embraced once again Agriculture at its finest. Spaceless Gardens a community organization hosted its 2nd Agricultural Festival and Community Market day at the Rupert I Maynard Community Center in St Peters on July 23, 2017. The surrounding communities were encourage to come out…..