The youths of St Maarten call for Prime Minister Sarah Wescott Williams to resign IV

sarah-wescott-williams-resigns-ilandvibez-stmaarten-agricultureA wolf in sheep’s clothing is one thing, but to miss lead a whole country for decades is plain out ungodly . We are not all religious people  but we believe there is a creator for everything, what others choose to call the one they know created the earth is up to them.  We believe in life and Love which come from the lifestyle of the  Rastafarian culture, our conscience and common sense guided us to this point, the only way that truly made since to us up to this point. As youths of St Maarten we are  very disappointed in the way we are represented by our so called ministers and government representatives. To not know something is one thing, but to know and still lead people a stray is now a matter of disrespect towards the people that put their faith in you to lead them in the right direction. Understanding how politics work  we came to a conclusion that the rich and famous high and mighty families  that have installed and secured their authority within our society has always had one main plan, to conquer and control by any mean necessary.  It’s not hard  to justify the difference between good and bad or right and wrong  based on the gods  giving gift of  common sense or your conscience. Your common sense helps you to decide if the decisions you are about to make are good, bad, right or wrong. To override  that gods giving gift  you must install a few ungodly  features within your lifestyle :

Religion – Based on miss education, religion plays a big role in the way our common sense works towards one another. Because one might believe in the miss educated concept of religion:  allah, Rastafarianism , Buddhism and Christianity ect ( with Christianity sectioned  in different classes  such  as Catholic, Seventh day, Anglican,  Mormons  ect ), we tend to simply treat our brothers and sisters  different  because of our different beliefs ,this also played a big role in bringing racisms alive and even that  played its role on  altering the way our common sense works and  helping us justify  which groups of people were superior  to others, when we were all equal to one another  to begin with. To strengthen our  theory just put a few different races of babies (African, Caucasian , Indian, Chinese ect )  in a room and watch what happens ” MAJOR PLAY TIME” .  Left to grow up with one another without the miss educated concept of religion only results in brotherly bonds and lifelong friendships.

Miss Education – It is unfortunate to be miss educated! The factor can be based on a wide scale, so wide that if we  don’t try keep what we are  about to explain limited, we may end up talking about miss education throughout this whole letter . Right now I explain  about miss education based on a lack of outlets for our youngsters. If one does not  have a outlet to express ones creativity  in a positive way the only way left is to find an outlet that allows you to express yourself in a negative way . Now common sense  should tell you if you start building more jails instead of schools, you only create a negative institution platform for youngsters to enroll  into, the government  spends  how much millions on the prison while the St Marten University is in desperate need of help . What does that say about you as a leader who has their own share of common sense installed? History also allow us to find ourselves, we believe ” you got to know where you coming from  to know where you going” this plays a big role in allowing our youngster to know what our grandparents and great grandparents worked hard for , to honor , preserve, uplift ,  carry on and to know that valuing hard work is something to be proud of.

Lack of jobs and poverty  – This alters our decision making based on common sense on a day to day  basis. If people have to fight to provide for their family ”let’s take animals in the wild as an example”, Common sense directs them into a state of mind called ” survival of the fittest” by any means necessary they adapt  and do what’s needed according to the situation their in. People adapt to negative situations when they are not able to pay their bills or give their family a plate of food to eat , at that moment  their survival instinct kicks in and they do what they have to do in order to provide either  good or bad, and if there is no good what’s left ? We can come up with a solution that may decrease both these problems by a substantial  amount, it won’t solve it as it is too far long gone for saving , but we can do a great deal with hope that  by educating and occupying our youngsters they will carry on a tradition that they can be proud of and teach their kids the same. The solution  is ”AGRICULTURE”  or you rather continue seeing us just  clean the sides of the roads as educated as we are ? Or out  of work like all those hard working people at pelican that were planning their kids futures. What does your common sense or conscience tell you ? We’re sure it doesn’t feel good inside ! Most politicians learn to control this emotion because they and their families are well taking care of and mostly want for nothing.

Politics –  This play a great role in understanding how the masses of a  country is manipulated by just a few inhumane rich greedy people that just want more and more  not realizing they the cant go to hell with it. Common sense also tells you that we are a island under Holland, in simple terms (we don’t need all the complicated big words ect which most of us don’t understand any way cause we are miss educated), not a country. By now as we can see every country  that fought  for freedom or independence paid with their lives or the integrity of their land  and would end up in poverty ( Guyana, Jamaica ect ). It’s ok if we are under Holland, everybody can use some help once needed but with good intentions, but stop miss leading the people, after all if you believe they put you their why not serve and protect them as leaders should!

By seeing  every great leader throughout history that was put in place to carry out the inhumane duties  of the greedy  rich families on the grounds of politics (who are scared themselves to step out in the open because of their own guilty conscience and hide behind other to protect  the fortunes they stole from others  )  and instead with their own conscience telling them to do the right thing went ahead and  fought for the freedom of a country or it’s people ended up  DEAD( Kennedy, Lincoln, king, Malcom X and the leaders  that brought havoc on nations, Bush, Hitler, Slave traders ect),  you know the list, you are a well educated person! Now with no disrespect,  if you were Carrying out the works of the people and not the works of the high and mighty shouldn’t you be dead, in exile somewhere or without that decision making job like President Clinton?  Now  common sense only brings  us to one conclusion , you are not truly working in the interest of the POOR AND AVERAGE people! Politicians and rich people mostly  live above the law, which clearly shows us that laws are installed to control the poor and less fortunate. Most of St Maarten politicians were involved in some kind of scheme or crime but yet still keep their seat with respect to their family names when you dig deep behind the scene. Most buildings, landmarks  and estates  ect have family ties  to peoples grandchildren and great grandchildren who are also some of our no good politicians in government  today who were placed their not by vote but by inheritance which doesn’t qualify them to be leaders.

Now there are many more factors we can cover under having a conscience and  common sense but you are well educated person and already know all the points we expressed, we choose to keep it limited or else we would be typing forever . By having this knowledge it helps keep the miss educated under control . I expressed  the points above so that others may be educated on the matter and have a more open mind set  towards and building and communicating  with one another and a slight idea of how politics work .

Now by  the laws of conscience and common sense we the youths of St Maarten ask you to step  down and give your seat to a woman  like Ms Nicloe de Weever  . HOW DARE YOU, YOU MIGHT SAY, but common sense shows  what sort of passion this young lady truly has which is inspired by a vision a with a plan for our children’s future, she cannot do it alone but I am sure she is willing to listen, learn and execute what needs  to be set in place to make sure our kids have a sustainable future.  Looking and what Nicole did with so little money  was extra ordinary compared to a government  who has a budget they can play with and still provided no way out but a youth detention center. How about investing half of that money into  the University of St Maarten and teaching  our kids not to not to end up in a jail cell . NOW THAT SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN , DOESNT IT?

As  we get older and advance into adulthood, we realize that the responsibility of having kids isn’t easy , but fortunate enough to be here on the island of St Maarten where things isn’t all as bad as many other countries in the world , so for that we are grateful. How can you be in a position to make a change knowing  that the path we are heading  down is not a healthy one for our children and not try implement  a solution?  Why not try to put things  in place that may provide some sort of security ? The big guys don’t want it huh ? So you play the game like a queen on a chess board knowing that if you don’t try protect the king he would offer you up for slaughter?  Well in that case I guest its survival of the fittest right ?

We have a plan that is sure to work if giving the support of government . The plan is based on AGRICULTURE and for some reason it’s been a very touchy subject since in the OLD MAN DAYS (Claude Wathy). Why is Agriculture such a big deal with our government  knowing the fact that food is always on demand and we depend on only importation of our stocks and food supply. Without any of the features above installed your conscience and common sense should tell you this would be a right move to make knowing we don’t have platform for agriculture. What are you guys protecting, the rich guys that make money on the taxes that come in on these goods constantly?  Come on, their are masses of people suffering because of you guys selfish ways of living  while you are the minority  amounts us . I guess the satisfaction of watching us suffer is enough to sooth your sorrows. But turn the tables around 180 degrees . Would you like this end of the stick? That answer  you just gave yourself says allot about the person you are inside verses the role you are trying to play.

The Plan – An Agriculture station and Market place  would be a perfect solution to start working towards solving our food problems, it will  not only provide food but also jobs, education, increase revenues that may be beneficial to government, increase tourism, benefit the environment and motivate people to  produce whatever  they are culturally capable of producing which will keep them occupied , out of trouble and proud of themselves . Look how Low lands Community Gardens , Hillside adventures and many other little organizations and foundations are striving  on their own within agriculture while there is a budget of about 600,000 guilders from USONA towards agriculture and government  decides to build a detention center instead, ok that’s cool build the detention center, that had its own budget, but the money is still there for agriculture, so why are you guys not doing something about it? Is government going to wait till a hurricane or some disaster comes  and we run short on food supplies to realize that we needed to install some sort of foundation of agriculture? It’s not genius it COMMON SENSE !

Based on the God giving Law of Common Sense and Conscience and  with the knowledge of even  the Preamble of the Constitution ( placed below) that you as government do not uphold or respect, we the youths of St Maarten with all respect, we cannot call you Hon. Prime Minister  Sarah Wescott Williams because there  is no honor in what we see happening  on our island, we would rather say Honorable Nicole de Weever  because she makes our children  smile and give them something to live for. Don’t under estimate yourself Nicole we believe you can once you plan not to follow in the oppressors footsteps.

Youths of St Maarten


PREAMBLE of the constitution of St Maarten

WE, THE PEOPLE OF SINT MAARTEN CONFIRMING that we recognize the guiding principles of Almighty God as the core of our values;

INSPIRED by the exercise of our universal right to self-determination as manifested in the referendum dated 23 June 2000, when we freely opted for the status of Nation within the Kingdom of the Netherlands;

BEING DETERMINED to work with each other, with our partners in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with our neighbors in French Saint Martin and with all peoples of the  world  on  the  basis  of   freedom,  equality,  peaceful  coexistence,  and  international solidarity;

DECLARE that we are a people that believes in the principle of democracy, the rule of law, the principle of separation of powers, the dignity and value of the individual, and the entitlement of all individuals to the fundamental rights and freedoms;

BEING DETERMINED to care for the perpetual maintenance of nature and the environment;

DECLARE   that   we   wish   to   create   a   constitutional   order   based   on   an   open   and approachable government;

AND THEREFORE, in order to record these objectives and convictions, the following provisions shall enjoy the force of law as the Constitution of Sint Maarten.



About 15,000 liable to forced labor in St. Maarten Because of human trafficking and top level officials being involved

human-trafficking-st-maarten-ilandvibez-tribune “St. Maarten is a source, transit and destination for women, children and men subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor”, the American State Department writes in its 2013 Trafficking in Persons report. “An estimated 15,000 illegal migrant workers in the country are highly vulnerable to forced domestic service and forced labor in construction, Chinese supermarkets, retail shops, security, landscaping and housekeeping.”

“There are strong indications that some of the hundreds of foreign migrant women in St. Maarten’s sex trade are subjected to debt bondage,” the report states, adding that women and girls from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and other countries in the region are ‘the most vulnerable to becoming victims of sex trafficking.

The report also mentions women from Russia and eastern Europe as potential victims. It furthermore refers to the six-month contracts for prostitutes and to the fact that the women depend on strip club and brothel owners for their work permits.

Interestingly, the report notes that St. Maarten authorities have reported “that workers from India, Haiti, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands are subjected to exploitative conditions involving indicators of forced labor.”

Even more alarming is that “local experts” report “that St. Maarten women and girls studying in the Netherlands may be vulnerable to sex trafficking by residents of the Netherlands.”

The American report is critical of St. Maarten’s efforts to combat human trafficking. “The government of St. Maarten does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so. The government demonstrated important leadership in the region by prosecuting and convicting a sex trafficking offender and holding this perpetrator accountable with jail time.”

This last remark is a clear reference to the prosecution of Angel Priest of the Border Bar who was sentenced to 54 months imprisonment (with 18 months suspended) for trafficking women. The government had little to do with this since prosecuting criminal offenders is the prerogative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The report notes that towards the end of the reporting period (towards the end of 2012) “the government launched an investigation into trafficking-related complicity involving high-level officials in the country. The government however did not prosecute any officials for trafficking-related complicity, which hampered its ability to authentically address its trafficking problem.”

The report furthermore states that “the overall lack of victim identification in St. Maarten, despite a very large vulnerable population of illegal immigrants and foreign women in prostitution, highlights the ineffectiveness of the government’s response. This lack if victim identification likely resulted in the deportation and criminalization of trafficking victims.”

The American report contains a large number of recommendations for St. Maarten. among them is this one: “Demonstrate transparency and appropriate follow-through regarding the investigation of government officials’ alleged involvement in the licensed brothels.”

Other recommendation relate to identifying and assisting potential victims of sex trafficking, the vigorous prosecution of trafficking offenders “including officials,” outreach by a Spanish speaking victim advocate, and routine health inspections at local brothels.

The report commends St. Maarten for its new penal code that contains an article that punished trafficking by 4 to 24 years of imprisonment.

But in practice, St. Maarten is dealing with potential trafficking victims in a different way. The report notes that women that escape from brothels routinely face deportation, while anti-trafficking investigations into the circumstances that inspired them to escape are not forthcoming. “The government reported that foreign trafficking victims could be granted temporary residence permits, it did not provide evidence that it issues such permits during the year. Also, the government did not report that it had a policy to protect identified victims from being punished for crimes committed as a direct result of being trafficked.”

Another point of criticism is that the government did not initiate any awareness campaigns to educate the public about sex trafficking and forced labor. The government has also not identified “incidents of foreign child sex tourism in St. Maarten,” the report concluded. – By Hilbert Haar –TSXM

“Departure Duncan did not solve everything” Plasterk remains concerned about integrity

roland duncan ilandvibez

TSXM – St. Maarten – The legacy of former Justice Minister Roland Duncan keeps haunting St. Maarten. “The new government must do everything within its power to restore the confidence in the integrity of its ministers,” Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk writes in a letter to members of the Second Chamber. “With the departure of Minister Roland Duncan not all problems of St. Maarten have been solved according to the Kingdom Council of Ministers.”

Plasterk’s letter fulfills a promise he made during the consultation with the parliamentary committee for Kingdom Relations on April 16.

“I have said during the general consultation that I have told the Prime Minister of St. Maarten that the Kingdom Council of Ministers shares the general feeling that the integrity problem in St. Maarten is bigger than the investigation the Public Prosecutor’s Office has initiated. I have said that the integrity problem damages the trust citizens and companies in St. Maarten as well as foreign governments must be able to have in the country’s administration and that this affects the image of the Kingdom as a whole,” Plasterk writes in his letter.

With Duncan’s departure “an important factor disappeared that was also the cause for the image of the integrity problem,” Plasterk writes. “But this does not mean the problems are solved. The integrity of the administration and the politicians in St. Maarten remains for the Kingdom Council of Ministers a continuous source of concern. With the formation of a new cabinet the Kingdom Council of Ministers hopes that a government will take office that is aware of this worrisome situation. That remains to be seen. A new government will have to make the necessary effort to regain the trust in the soundness of the country’s administration and to eradicate the negative image that has come into being about it.”

Plasterk concludes his letter with the statement that the Kingdom Council of Ministers is prepared to support the Wescot-Williams cabinet in these matters.


Today the Governor Eugene Holiday swears in the Ministers and Minister Plenipotentiary on June 14th, 16.00 hrs


SXMIT – Harbour View – On June 13th , 2013, His Excellency the Governor of Sint Maarten, drs. E.B. Holiday, received the final report of formateur S. Wescot-Williams.

The formateur have accepted the commission to form a new government that has a majority in Parliament and that consists of Ministers who are committed to the promotion of the wellbeing of Sint Maarten and dedicated to jointly execute the UP/DP Governing Declaration, agreed upon by the coalition partners Democratic Party, United People’s Party and independent Member of Parliament Romain Laville.

The formateur have nominated the following persons for appointment as Ministers and Minister Plenipotentiary:

  1. Mrs. Sarah A. Wescot-Williams, Prime Minister, also Minister of General Affairs
  2. Mr. Maurice A. Lake, Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure,
  3. Mr. Dennis L. Richardson, Minister of Justice;
  4. Mr. Martinus J. Hassink, Minister of Finance;
  5. Mrs. Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports;
  6. Mr. Van Hugh C. de Weever, Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labour;
  7. Mr. Mathias S. Voges, Minister Plenipotentiary

The vetting of the candidate ministers and the candidate Minister Plenipotentiary, based on the pertinent regulations regulating the appointment of ministers has not produced any data that could impede their appointment.

The Governor has scheduled the appointment and swearing in of the Ministers and Minister Plenipotentiary on June 14th, 16.00 hrs, at the Governor’s Office.

After the ceremony, the Governor and the newly appointed Ministers will have the constituting meeting in the A.C. Wathey legislative hall. –


Lisa Alexander reads the contents of the letter she received from Governor Holiday. Photo Caribisch Netwerk.

St. Maarten – Lisa Alexander and a handful of activists were on governor drs. Eugène Holiday’s doorstep yesterday morning wanting to know when they could expect an answer to their petition in which they demand new elections… READ THE WHOLE STORY