16 year old Boy in jail for for stabbing one of his mothers attackers


TDH -DUTCH QUARTER–The parents of a 16-year-old student are calling on police to take action against a group of boys who hang around Madrid Drive in Dutch Quarter and wreak havoc in the area.

Parents, Julien Grell and Joselin Vincente, made the call after their son, Milton Peters College (MPC) TKL 3 student Joceidy Grell, was arrested for stabbing one of the boys in what the parents said was self-defense after the group of boys tried to attack his older brother, pelted his mother with a large stone and one of them attempted to shock him on his neck with a taser gun twice.

The parents believe the police are doing nothing to find the culprit although they arrested their son.

In an invited comment police spokesperson Inspector Ricardo Henson said that while he had no knowledge of this particular case, once an official complaint was filed the detectives did their jobs. He said he would look into the matter and get back to The Daily Herald.

Joselin said she had been home Friday, September 6, when she opened the door around 7:30pm to see why the dogs were barking. She said a young man from the area, whose alias starts with the initial C, told her that she should “go up the street to check on her older son because he was in trouble.”

When she went, her older son denied that there was a problem. The older son then asked C., who had two rocks in his hand, why he had told his mother that he was in trouble and asked him if he wanted to fight.

Vincente said an argument had ensued and about eight or nine other young men armed with machetes and knives surrounded them. Vincente said she and another parent had attempted to separate the boys so that they would not fight. She said someone threw a stone in her back during the fracas and showed this newspaper the fresh injury that she received from the stone. Vincente said her younger son Joceidy, who is now incarcerated, had showed up and rushed to her aid.

During the fracas C. attempted to shock her son with a taser gun. The son knocked away the taser gun, ran to his home and returned with a knife. When C. tried to put the taser gun to Joceidy’s neck again he reacted by stabbing C. in the side of his stomach. Vincente said her vehicle had been stoned later and the front glass as well as several other parts of the vehicle damaged.

When the police arrived on the scene all the boys who had machetes and knives ran away and only C. remained on the scene. Even with the police present C. wanted to fight and was aggressive towards the police, Vincente said. The police detained Joceidy.

The parents said they had not had a chance to see their son since he had been detained. They were also upset that his detention had been extended by eight days earlier this week even though he has to go to school.

Henson said the extension of someone’s detention was the job of the prosecutor.

The parents said that although their son had been detained for several days, the police said they had to look for C. The parents said that while they did not condone what their son had done it appears as though the police were not pursuing the aggressor in the incident.

The parents said their younger son was a good child who never had been involved in a fight or negative incident. They said he was a quiet boy who stayed at home and did not trouble anyone. They said the group of boys constantly caused trouble in that area, broke into people’s homes, stole, sold drugs, and if anyone complained about it they were beaten up and the police did nothing about it.

Vincente said police were called to the area weekly to deal with these boys and nothing ever happened, as they were left to continue tormenting residents.

She said she had no peace since her son had been in jail, and claimed that the boys had been laughing at her. She said her son could have been killed or seriously hurt by the taser gun. “My son is a quiet boy. I think they [the group of boys from the area] had a plan to fight my kids for no reason,” Vincente said.

She said her younger son had said he became angry when the boys pelted his mother with a rock. “I don’t want my son’s name to get dirty because of these boys.”


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