Road March Competition ends on a bitter sweet note

Ironically, when the moment of truth arrived, Dutty Sham, the MC for the night declared King Rumer as the winner. Then in a strange twist of events, he pulled off a (Steve Harvey) moment and claimed it was a mistake. The real winner was Kelvin James, stage name King James, with a song entitled ‘ Stop Talk and Wuk Up’.
From the reaction of sections of the huge crowd, that decision was not well received, but the decision of the judges was final and just like Steve Harvey who made a similar mistake at the Miss Universe Pageant, Dutty Sham will have to live with the mistake….Read More


Cultural Xpression March 2018 – Interview with Dr Natasha Gittens – St Maarten Argriculture

In this months edition of Cultural Xpression we get a chance to catch up to an amazing lady that has been doing so much behind the scenes on St Maarten. Dr. Gittens is the author of the best seller, e Pie Philosophy, and the President & CEO of Training Professionals International Firm, (TPI) and President……Read More

Cultural Xpression March 2017 – Exclusive Interview with Da Lion – St Maarten Agriculture

With carnival right around the corner, more and more local artist str to get prepared for one of St Maarten Biggest Soca Competitions ‘’ Soca Rumble’’. As it seems to get more and more interesting every year as more local artist are turning up their approach and game plan towards getting the crown. This year…


Cultural Xpression is geared to build awareness amounts the various communities in St Maarten in the sector of Culture, Agriculture, Community Development, Health, Arts, Entertainment, Tourism and Sport. Thanking everyone that made this possible: 37 sq Miles The Affiliate Team, The Daily Herald Printery and most of all THE MOST HIGH!!! Always remember to give thanks for the little you have ! Wisihng everybody a strength while trying to accomplish their dreams ! – D Wyatte