Atlantis Casino boss Mr Francesco Corallo in custody in Italy

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Atlantis World and BPlus Giocolegale Ltd. owner Mr. Francesco Corallo

TSXM – ITALY  / GREAT BAY – Atlantis World and BPlus Giocolegale Ltd. owner is currently detained in  Rome for questioning about his role in the Banco Popolare di Milano scandal. Corallo voluntarily made himself available to the Italian authorities.

“Mr. Francesco Corallo presented himself to Italian authorities last Sunday in order to be available to answer questions from the Milan prosecutor Mr. Pellicano about his alleged involvement in wrongdoings as brought against him from the Banco Popolare di Milano investigation,” Corallo’s attorney said in a statement the Chief Financial officer at the Atlantis World Group, Rudolf Baetsen, forwarded to this newspaper after questions about the arrest.

The attorney added he expects Corallo’s detention to be brief, “and in any event limited to the time the authorities need to question him.”

The accusations against Corallo date back to May 2012 when easy loans provided by the Banco Popolare di Milano (BPM) at the time when Massimo Ponzellini was its chairman attracted the attention of prosecutors. B Plus obtained a €105 million ($142 million) loan from BPM, but Corallo has always maintained that there is nothing fishy about the contract and that the loan is in good standing.

In June of last year the Italian tax police issued an arrest warrant for Corallo and in August he was placed as a wanted fugitive on the Interpol website. Corallo said in an interview with the British gaming industry magazine G3 in September that the allegations brought against him in Italy are inspired by competitors in the Italian gaming market who are after B Plus’ lucrative licenses for video lottery terminals.

After his name appeared on the Interpol wanted list, Corallo went underground for a while. The Antilliaans Dagblad reported yesterday that he went in hiding in the Dominican Republic, but there have also been reports that he stayed on the island of Anagada.

“Mr. Corallo continues to vehemently deny the accusations that were leveled against him by Mr. Pellicano,” the statement from the attorney read. “In the meantime, the most important part of these accusations has already been dismissed by the Italian courts.”

The only remaining accusation, according to Corallo’s attorney, pertains to conspiracy. “In every state of law this requires an element of criminal activity to exist. Mr. Corallo denies being involved in any criminal activity. Both Mr. Corallo and his legal counsel are confident that the remaining accusation cannot stand the test of law, thereby leading to Mr. Corallo being completely cleared of any accusation of wrongdoing.”

The statement furthermore points out that Corallo “never has been convicted in any court anywhere in the world. In fact, where investigations against him were conducted, he has always been cleared and charges against him were found baseless.”

Female American commits suicide on Carnival Dream that visited St Maarten

carnival-dream-TSXM – GREAT BAY- A suicide aboard the Carnival Dream leaves one to ponder why so many people choose this cruise line to end their lives under tragic circumstances when they were supposed to be having a good time.

According to the police report, it was at approximately 10.00 a.m, the Central Police Dispatch sent a police patrol, Detectives and the Forensic Department, to investigate a case of suicide, which occurred in one of the cabins on board of the Carnival Dream Cruise Ship, which was docked at the A.C. Wathey Cruise Facility.

On board, the detectives spoke to the ships authorities and the ships doctor. The captain of the ship stated that shortly after leaving the port of Sint Thomas on Tuesday with destination Sint Maarten he was informed about the incident.

The report further stated that the incident had taken place in one of the cabins on deck # 2 of the ship and the victim was a female U.S. citizen by the name of Christina Michelle Mullin age 40. Ironically, Mullin was not alone on the cruise; she was accompanied by other family members.

However, it was while her family members were out of the cabin that she took her own life by hanging herself. Dr. Mercuur, who was invited on board the ship examined the body and confirmed that the cause of death was by hanging.

The reason that prompted Mullin to take her own life remains unclear and now it’s up to the U.S. authorities to carry out the necessary investigations once the ship has docked at the nearest U.S. port.