EXCLUSIVE: Minister Lee caught using government bonds to purchase drums of diesel for his Hotel Generator. – ilandvibez.com

~ Man of Integrity and Transparency fleeced government to keep his hotel open ~

PHILIPSBURG:— The Minister of VSA Emil Lee who refused to take responsibility for not providing assistance to the people of St. Maarten after the passing of hurricane Irma has to explain the people of St. Maarten how it was possible for him to take off the MR.4 license plate from government vehicle and place it on his private pick-up truck that he used along with government bonds to purchase diesel at the Bush Road Gas station on September 12th, 2017.

Minister Lee was caught at the gas station where he filled two large drums almost every day with government bonds and he took the much-needed fuel to his Princess Heights hotel to run his generator.
Diesel was supposed to be used for government operations and for the vehicles that were busy providing emergency operations as well as cleaning up the debris left behind by Irma.

SMN News managed to secure photographs with the Minister in his pick-up truc


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Oliver Arrindell said he had enough with SZV. – ilandvibez.com

PHILIPSBURG:— Father of Baby Pilanco Oliver Vincent Arrindell told SMN News in an exclusive interview on Thursday that he has had enough with SZV and its employees whom he said is refusing to grant his disabled infant proper care.

Arrindell has been in this predicament since the birth of his son in April 2015. He said that his child is supposed to be undergoing therapy in order for him to live a normal life but since November 2016 his son has not gotten one therapy treatment…Read More

EXCLUSIVE: Franklin Meyers possible interim Prime Minister. – ilandvibez.com

PHILIPSBURG:— The UP/DP/Brownbill government submitted the following names of persons who have to undergo the necessary screening in order for them to fill the positions as Prime Minister and Ministers in the interim.

According to well-placed sources, the following names of persons were submitted to Governor Holiday on Friday by formateur MP Franklin Meyers.

Franklin Meyers — Prime Minister
Joireen Wuite — Minister of Education
George Willems — Minister of Finance
Leona Marlin — Minister of Justice…….Read More

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