Cocaine smuggler will not be extradited to the US


TSXM – St. Maarten – The Common Court of Justice denied an extradition request submitted on behalf of the United States of America’s Attorney-General Erik Holder Jr. The US asked St. Maarten on May 10 to extradite John Henry M. whom it accuses of possession with the intent to distribute 5 kilos of cocaine. The cocaine was found aboard a vessel in the territorial waters of the US Virgin Islands on May 4.

The American authorities submitted a long list of documents to substantiate their extradition request –an arrest warrant, an indictment, pictures and fingerprints among them.

The court ruled however that the US authorities did not submit a single piece of evidence to substantiate the charges. Such documentation is relevant for an extradition to establish a reasonable suspicion of guilt. “The documents are insufficient and the extradition is therefore considered inadmissible,” the court ruled.
The ruling says nothing about what must happen now with the suspect who is currently detained in the Pointe Blanche prison.