Court acquits man of possessing counterfeit money

HILIPSBURG – The Court in First Instance acquitted a man on Wednesday of the possession of counterfeit money, a firearm and ammunition. Levy W., 39, was at the parking lot of the Westin Hotel on May 29, 2016 were a rip deal resulted in a shooting and a fight.

At the scene of the shooting, police found close to 50,000 counterfeited American dollars, a gun and ammunition. Levy W. was in the car where these items were found.


Kathron Fortune in court for double murder

Fortune remained on the run for a long time but he was finally arrested in the weekend of July 30, 2017 when he attempted to enter the island of St. Kitts.

The court set the trial date for June 13 and ordered that the defense submits requests for hearing witnesses and other requests relevant to the investigation within four weeks after the prosecution has made the dossier available…..Read More

Cable TV Employees Locked Out Despite Court’s Decision

PHILIPSBURG:— About 15 employees that are scheduled to report to work at Cable TV office in Madame Estate found themselves locked out on Tuesday morning despite the Court’s ruling that management has to work on an integration plan while the labor department did not grant management of Cable TV their desire to close down the establishment…..Read More

Court aquits man of robbery at Soggy Dollar

GREAT BAY – The Court in First Instance acquitted Jose V. of depriving two security guards at the La Palapa Center of their freedom and an attempt to rob the Soggy Dollar Bar on December 5 of last year.

Middle Region baby-killing suspect trail date moved to late September

Suspect Dalton le Blanc-ILANDVIBEZ-SXM dalton le blanc-ilandvibez-sxm

Dalton Danelle Le B., the 26-year-old suspect in the killing of baby boy Mark Reid Jr. on April 2


Latoya, Mark and Mark Jr. Reid. Photo – Today

TSXM – GREAT BAY – Dalton Danelle Le B., the 26-year-old suspect in the killing of baby boy Mark Reid Jr. on April 2, appeared briefly in the Court in First Instance yesterday afternoon. At the request of prosecutor Karola van Nie, the court sets a trial date for September 25. The adjournment is necessary because the investigation is not complete yet and because the suspect still has to be subjected to evaluations by a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

Le B. was involved in a road rage incident on the day of the killing. Pursued by the police he fled into a random house in Middle Region, where he snatched the baby from its crib and discarded it later on the road. The exact cause of death has not been made public yet.