No trace on island of escapees


 Sobiesky Manuel Parrondo

GREAT BAY – There is no trace of the three inmates that escaped from the prison section of the police station in Philipsburg on Sunday June 23. “They are still escaped,” Solicitor-General Taco Stein told this newspaper by phone from the Netherlands yesterday. “They are internationally wanted, but our feeling is that they have all left the island. We’ll have to wait and see if they will show themselves again here in the future.”

The investigation into the escape is still ongoing, Stein said, adding that he had no details about the state of this investigation.

Shortly after the three men escaped, the prosecutor’s office put up a $5,000 reward for information about their whereabouts, but until now, nobody has come forward.

The three escapees are Sobiesky Manuel Parrondo (age 25), Carlos Miquel Olivier-Ruiz (29) and Marco David Santana-Guerero (29).

Parrondo was sentenced in absentia on July 24 to 14 years for the November 10, 2012 murder of Gaston Gumbs. Another suspect in that case, Stevenson Pinder is currently detained and he  was also sentenced to 14 years. The Gaston Gumbs murder had to do with a 25 kilo cocaine deal.

The two other escapees, Olivier-Ruiz and Santana-Guerero were in pretrial detention on drugs charges.

Parrondo is listed as a wanted man on the Interpol website. He speaks three languages – French, English and Spanish – and has dual nationality (from the Dominican Republic and France). Interpol lists Parrondo as wanted for murder, firearm and drugs violations.

Olivier-Ruiz and Santana-Guerero are also listed on the Interpol wanted list for drugs-related crimes.




ST MAARTEN – On Sunday June 23,Around 05.00 p.m. the Police Central Dispatch received a phone call from the prison section of the Philipsburg Police Station informing them that three prisoners had escaped.

The prisoners in question at the time of their escape were locked in the open-air recreational area of the prison. While in that section these prisoners got the opportunity to escape via the roof. The prisoners in question are:

born in the Dominican Republic on November 4th 1987 and residing at Rue de Sandy Ground # 8.
Suspected of murder.

orn in the Dominican Republic on February 1st 1984,
wanted for drug trafficking.

born on the Dominican Republic on April 25th 1984,
wanted for drug trafficking

These suspects are considered armed and extremely dangerous.
The House of Detention and Police Department are asking the general public to help in the investigation to recapture these three armed and very dangerous persons.

Any one who may have any information that can assist in recapturing of these suspects should call the police department at 54-22222 or 911.