Murdered for saying ”I DO” – Whats the world coming too


JAMAICA  – Following the death of a Portland man last week, mere hours after he wed his lover who is reportedly a foreign national, allegations have begun to surface in and around the parish that a hit was ordered from abroad.

THE STAR understands that speculations are running wild in Hart Hill, Portland, as well as other sections of the parish, that the now deceased 30-year-old Damion Cousins, was allegedly warned not to wed.

A resident from the community who spoke to THE STAR on condition of anonymity said, “Yes man, a di talk round di place … Damion a good yute who had a promising future, and mi sorry how him dead but mi hear say him get repeated warning before the wedding, say him nuh fi marry the woman …”

THE STAR gathered that since the tragedy, Cousins’ widow, his family members, and the wider community is struggling to come to grips that such a gruesome incident took place.

A female resident who is from Buff Bay, in the parish, told THE STAR, “Di youth widely known and since the incident a bare talk in the town say the hit came from abroad … mi nuh know what or who the woman was involved in or with … It nuh must have nothing fi do with she either a coulda jealousy.”

The Portland police had reportedly taken a man into custody for questioning surrounding Cousins’ death.

wedding ring

Our news team also gathered from members of the community that the men allegedly received $100,000 to commit the act and that Cousins’ wedding ring was removed from his finger and placed beside his body.

When THE STAR contacted the Buff Bay Police Station yesterday, we were told that the investigating officer had left for the day.

Our efforts to speak with the divisional commander for Portland Superintendent Wayne Cameron was without success as repeated calls to his cell phone rang without answer.

Cousins was shot twice, once in the head and neck, on his wedding day Monday, July 8, about 10 p.m., after arriving at his home.

Reports are that his attackers had earlier robbed other members of his family who were home, of a laptop, cellular phones, jewellery, and an undetermined sum of money before waiting outside for Cousins to arrive.

Cousins was known as a singer and songwriter and his death brings to three, the number of people killed in the parish since the start of the year.