Merchants bodyguard could be a suspect in Wiels and Martinez Murder


PS-leader Helmin Wiels

Raul Jacinto Martinez-ilandvibez-versgeperst

 Raul Jacinto Martine

TDH – WILLEMSTAD–According to Curaçao daily “Ultimo Noticia” the murdered suspect in the assassination of PS-leader Helmin Wiels, 30-year-old Raul Jacinto Martinez, had been a bodyguard for a well-known entrepreneur with businesses on both sides of the island. The morning newspaper said it could not get more information, but was working on it.

The revelation followed a recent press conference by police spokesperson Reginald “Reggie” Huggins. He said there are sufficient indications that the Wiels-case involves a paid murder planned by one or more persons. Although nobody has been arrested yet, the investigation team has a reasonable picture of who are all involved.

Since the parliamentarian was shot dead on May 5, much technical/forensic and tactical investigation work was conducted with the support from colleagues within the Dutch Kingdom. The Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) played an important role in collecting and studying the material traces.

Until now it was decided to limit the information supply to the press in the interest of the investigation, explained Huggins. For example, the results of the autopsy on Wiels and information on items confiscated at various addresses cannot be disclosed yet.

The same applies for the identity of co-suspects. The spokesperson explained that the data on the perpetrator cannot be assessed if too much information is revealed.

According to the large-scale investigation team TGO, there are now indications in which direction to look for those who ordered the murder, said Huggins. However, he couldn’t give details as to which direction.

What is clear so far is that the coffee-coloured Kia Picanto confiscated on May 16 had been used as getaway car in the assassination and was rented at Oost-West Car Rental in Rooi Santu. Later that day the police officers had conducted a search at the car rental company and confiscated various items.

That search revealed that locally-born “Bolle” Martinez had rented the car at the time the murder was committed. He was considered one of the suspects in the actual killing but disappeared that same day, before the police had a chance to interrogate him.

Two days after Martinez disappeared, the car he had used later on (a white Kia Rio) was found at the salt pans in the district “Samí Liber.” The backseat of this vehicle was drenched with blood.

A corpse missing the head and limbs was found later at the San Pedro plain on June 4. “Although DNA-research is yet to reveal this definitely, it most likely involves the body of Martinez.”

In connection with this apparent assassination the 26-year-old local male L.L.F. was arrested in The Netherlands at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Willemstad and escorted by the Royal Military Police to Curaçao. He arrived on the island three days ago and is being held in custody under close guard. His detention is to be reviewed next week and will probably be extended by another eight days.

A possible link between the murder of Martinez and Wiels is now being investigated. The residences of Martinez and suspect F. have already been searched and technical traces were collected. Also the vehicle which supposedly had transported Martinez’ body was combed.

The forensic analysis of this possible evidence wasn’t ready yet. The police do not exclude Martinez was killed to cover tracks in the murder of Wiels, but other scenarios are also being included in the investigation.

Bolle’s remains were laid to rest on Friday, after authorities released them to his family. –