Solidarity Ras Tafari – we AGREE with CULTURE – Biological agriculture project

As you leave Marigot towards the border, there is a green, yellow and red flag showing you the entrance of a wonderful garden. There, the members of the Solidarity Ras Tafari Churchical Order give their best to grow all kind of food. From afar, it is all green, but as you get closer, you notice different varieties of plants,  vegetables and fruit trees growing there. Since November 2006, Solidarity Ras Tafari Organization has engaged in an Agricultural project named: “We Agree with Culture”. Our main purpose is to promote agriculture again in St. Martin by giving each one the opportunity to re-appropriate the local products. It was timely and even urgent to us to share those values. Thanks to courage and team work, the members, guided by the Elders, transformed this fallow land into a real garden providing a large quantity of vegetables. More than 200 trees were sawed, uprooted, and burned to coal, in order to buy first tools. We then removed the rocks at the surface, started


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