4th Suspect captured in Helmin Wiels Case

helmin wiels

WILLEMSTAD – Police arrested a fourth suspect yesterday in the Helmin Wiels assassination investigation. The suspect is 36-year old E.R.K., who was already detained for the murder of a man in Caracasbay in January.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office says that there were already indications shortly after Wiels was assassinated on

May 5 and that K. was somehow involved, but there was insufficient evidence to arrest him. The Judge of Instruction detained K. yesterday at the prosecutor’s office’s request.

Currently there are four suspects in custody. On Friday the authorities reported at a press conference that three people had been arrested for the Wiels-murder. They are all men, respectively 24, 28 and 43 years of age. The eldest suspect reportedly directed the actions of the other two.

These three suspects were brought before the Judge of Instruction yesterday; the judge ruled that their arrest and the extension of their detention are lawful. The Team Large-scale Investigation (TGO) raided another

house yesterday morning in the Mahurna district. The officers confiscated several items, among them a number of computers.

Wiels was assassinated at the beach of Marie Pompoen on May 5. Apart from the four current suspects the murdered Raul “Bolle” Martinez has also been linked to the crime. He rented the gold colored Kia Picanto the killers used. Martinez disappeared immediately after the assassination and was later found murdered and mutilated on a beach.

Luigi Florentina, aka Pretu, is considered to be the killer of Martinez. But Florentina committed suicide on September 6 in his cell in Barber, a few days before he was scheduled to go on trial for this murder.

Monica B. has also been with this investigation, but the Judge of Instruction ordered her conditional release last week.


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