No pay for the month of august, Boss abandoned employees


TDH – CAY HILL–About sixteen workers of cleaning company Brenrick Services are up in arms that their employer has not paid them for August and seems to have abandoned them, as he reportedly has left the island and there is no indication whether he will be returning.

The company had the cleaning contract for St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC), where the workers had been working.

One worker who has been with the company for some 16 years told The Daily Herald on Thursday that employees usually were paid on the fourth or fifth day of the following month. The employee said everyone had been working normally and when their pay date came and they had not received their salaries they started inquiring what the problem was. The employees learnt only then that their boss was not on-island.

The worker told this newspaper they also had learnt that their employer had been encountering financial difficulties and that an attachment reportedly had been placed on his assets.

Many of the workers had been working for the company for many years and were shocked and dismayed that their employer had done this to them. “My 14 years just gone,” one frustrated employee said.

The worker said SMMC had ended the contract with Brenrick Services because of this issue. The workers, who were gathered at SMMC yesterday, said the hospital had tried to assist them by calling in another cleaning company and requesting that that company assist them by hiring them in exchange for the SMMC contract.

The new company interviewed employees and informed more than half of them that they would be hired. The workers who were told they would be hired were given the uniforms of the new company and are expected to start work with the new company this week.

The workers are still upset that they will lose their August salaries. This newspaper was told that many of the workers are encountering challenging situations as a result of not being paid. Some have issues with their landlords, as their rent has not been paid, some are without utilities and others are experiencing other financial issues.

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