Prince Friso’s funeral to be held on Friday

Queen  betrix and Mabel wissie Smit

Queen beatrix and Mabel Wissie Smit – photo Radio NL

TSXM –  The funeral of Prince Friso, who died on Monday, 18 months after a skiing accident left him in a coma, will take place on Friday, the state information service (RVD) said.

The funeral will take place in private at the Stulpkerk in the village of Lage Vuursche, where he will also be buried, the RVD said.

A memorial service will be held for the prince, who was 44 and left two young daughters, later this year.

It is unclear why the family had not chosen to have Friso laid in the family crypt in Delft’s Nieuwe Kerk. Nos said the family may have opted for Lage Vuursche because Friso grew up at the Drakensteyn castle in nearby Baarn.

His mother, the former queen Beatrix, is moving back to the castle as part of her retirement. She was said to be particularly close to her middle son.



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