More education needed for teenage mothers

teenage mothers

TSXM – GREAT BAY- More than 30 percent of new mothers who visit the Baby Wellness Clinic are  teenagers who are compelled into adulthood to assume the responsibility of nurturing a new born.
“A little more than 30 percent of visitors to the Baby Clinic are really young teenagers,” registered nurse Marcella Richardson told Today. She was at the time speaking at the 3rd annual Pregnancy Market organized by Collective Preventative Services last week.
The nurse was only too happy to disseminate information to many of the young mothers who responded to the Ministry of Public Health’s call to attend the Pregnancy Market.
Approximately 40 mothers visit the clinic daily. Some of the most common questions that teenage mothers ask include how to calm irate babies.
“They would ask how to stop a crying baby but this depends most of the times on what the mother eats. If they eat very gassy foods then it will have repercussions. If you are breastfeeding, at the end of the day it rests with the baby. Broccoli and spinach is good for the mother in terms of her hemoglobin but at the same time it is not good for the baby,” the nurse explained.
She recommended that both mothers and their babies consume anti-gas tea, lots of water, cinnamon or aniseed tea.
She said that young mothers in particular need to be more educated on the nutrition of a child.
“They are giving the babies a lot of fatty foods and things they do not need.  They need to know a lot about nutrition. They give them cereal, water down the milk and even give toddlers a lot of fast food and soda. This is not good. We help them along the way in terms of how to prepare the formula,” she added.
Raising a child is expensive and involves a great deal of responsibility. That is why the nurse has advocated that couples wait until they are properly educated and financially stable to start a family.
The Baby Wellness Clinic is involved in public health advocacy, nutrition, growth and development of society’s future.


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