Coast Guard seize 360 kilos of cocaine Friday

The drugs that were intercepted by the Coast Guard. Pic Caribisch Netwerk

TSXM – ARUBA – The Coast Guard of the Caribbean Region (Kustwacht Caribisch Gebied) intercepted a drug transport on Friday of 360 kilos of cocaine 60 miles north of Aruba, Ariën Rasmijn reports on Caribisch Netwerk.

“A Dash-8 surveillance airplane saw a suspicious ‘go fast’ in the waters, where they informed the Coast Guard, a cutter Jaguar and a Super RHIB’s from its station in Aruba,” Coast Guard spokesperson Roderick Gouverneur said. “Apparently the crew of the speedboat saw the Dash-8, where they started to throw the drugs overboard.”

According to Gouverneur, it had no use to proceed with the pursuit of the speedboat when the Coast Guard arrived. The drugs were taken out from the water and were being confiscated, where it was transported to the Unit Organized Crimes (Unit Georganiseerde Criminaliteit) of the Aruban Police Force who in collaboration with the Coast Guard. The search for the remaining drugs that was thrown overboard continued on Saturday.

Gouverneur said that it was a large drug catch. “Normally we intercept between the 100 and 150 kilos. “ I can’t even remember when was the last time the Coast Guard intercepted such an amount of drugs”.


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