prisonescapees-smn-ilandvibezSXM4613 SOBIESKY MANUEL PARRONDO, born in the Dominican Republic on November 4th, 1987 and residing at Rue de Sandy Ground # 8. Suspected of murder.

SXM4632 CARLOS MIQUEL OLIVIER-RUIZ, born in the Dominican Republic on February 1st, 1984, wanted for drug trafficking.

SXM4633 MARCO DAVID SANTANA-GUERERO, born on the Dominican Republic on April 25th, 1984, wanted for drug trafficking

Philipsburg:— Three prisoners that were being held at the prison section of the Philipsburg Police Station escaped on Sunday afternoon. Prosecutor Dounia Benammar confirmed that three prisoners that were in custody escaped on Sunday. Benammar refused to release the names of the escapees claiming that an investigation is underway. Questions are now being raised as to how three prisoners managed to escape from the Prison cells located at the Philipsburg Police Station. “Was this an inside job, are there people working at the Philipsburg Police Station involved in assisting the escapees to run away and what is the big secret about all of this?” It should be noted that the Minister of Justice Dennis Richardson, Chief of Police Peter de Witte, Attorney General Taco Stein, and General Secretary of Justice Richard Panneflek are all off island attending meetings relating to justice.

Director of the Prisons Edward Rohan could not be reached by phone for a comment on Sunday afternoon. – SMN