St Maarten: Man behind bars for attempted homiside

homicide-hitstudio-ilandvibezTDH – MARIGOT–A 20-year-old unemployed young man was sentenced by the court in Marigot on Thursday to a five-year prison sentence, three of which are suspended, for his part in the attempted scooter robbery and subsequent murder attempt of a former captain from Renseignement Genereaux (RG) on May 29 in Concordia.

The victim had just finished lunch at a restaurant in Concordia and was going to his parked scooter, when another scooter approached him carrying two youths whose faces were concealed by helmets.

They ordered the victim to hand over his T-Max scooter, but he refused and threw away the keys. That infuriated the would-be thieves, who then began to physically assault the victim. In the ensuing brawl on the ground, one of the youths fired a gun and the bullet entered the victim’s upper arm, shattering the collar bone and narrowly missing a vital artery in the neck.

Gendarmes were able to quickly arrest the aforementioned suspect from the DNA evidence left behind on the gold chain of the victim, broken during the assault. The DNA match also confirmed the suspect had been taken into custody on other occasions for various offences.

He was sentenced for assault and battery, and aggravated theft. The investigation further found $1,500 in cash, an amount of cannabis and a vehicle with false plates at his home.

The other suspect, the shooter, is still at large.

The victim, now out of hospital after surgery, plans to claim damages and this claim will

be heard by the court on October 31.

The suspect was immediately transferred to Guadeloupe to begin his sentence.