Opinion: St Maarten – The exploitation of the poor continues

exploitation of the poor-cartoonmovement-ilandvibez

TDH – Dear Editor, Now that the summertime is upon us and several businesses are closing their doors due to slow or no business, overburdening taxation and unjust regulations, hundreds of seasonal workers are expected to be laid off or fired. Hundreds of high school students are soon to graduate from high school, that will not be going away to further their studies. With an unemployment rate among young people already at about 50 per cent, where are these new young graduates expected to find jobs? Our negative growth economy has been heading south for several years now.

Due to our present government’s policies of more taxes and cumbersome regulations, our economy is expected to continue declining. It seems that the me-for-me, all-is-mine mentality of our elected officials, who are already collecting humongous salaries plus double that in benefits, [means they-Ed.] are too busy focusing on cutting deals and stealing the people’s patrimony to address the extremely urgent issue of our economy.

There are reports that several people in government, their assistants and/or cronies, have given themselves multiple pieces of prime government land from Pointe Blanche to the Simpson Bay Lagoon. Some individuals, I was told, have gotten up to 10 pieces, others have gotten between two and six pieces of the people’s land (patrimony). Talk about exploiting and robbing the poor …  and the guilty ones know themselves; they are all reading this right now.

Now, while all of this is going on, the Kleptocrats have several departments – “their henchmen from immigration to the tax department”– checking on all businesses around the island,  small business people that are already under severe stress from worry about how they are going to pay their suppliers, staff, rent and  utility bills.

They have put the poor man under so much stress that they have driven him to smoke and drink. I almost forgot, they have already anointed themselves to be God, and have decided what sin is. So, in the last budget they have added a sin tax on alcohol and tobacco. The little joy the poor man has left; they’re going to tax him out of that too. Well, there goes my Saturday afternoon domino games; I would be unable to buy the boys a round. Then again, what do we expect from a government that bought themselves into power?

To Markie, Francis, Jugie, Leo and the rest of the boys that meet up at the Chinese in Philipsburg on Friday afternoons: sorry, I’ll be unable to join you guys in the future. Black Label and rum and Coke already expensive; I won’t be able to afford to buy you guys a round in the future also. – Peter Gunn