NAf. 6 million of the NAF. 8.5 Million already collected in Road Tax

PHILIPSBURG–Some six million guilders have been collected to date by the Receiver’s Office in Road Tax, some 75 per cent of the total amount expected, Finance Minister Roland Tuitt told Parliament as the Central Committee meeting on the draft 2013 budget continued with ministers answering questions posed by Members of Parliament.

Tuitt is confident that the remaining NAf. 2.5 million outstanding in Road Tax will be collected before the end of June. “So who’s crazy? Not Roland Tuitt,” he said, as a response to the press supposedly calling him crazy for not issuing a number plate or a sticker this year for vehicles.

He continued to express his belief that “the population is very trustworthy” and has complied with the responsibility to pay the Road Tax.

Police started road controls on Wednesday to seek out defaulting taxpayers. Tuitt urged those who have not paid Road Tax as yet to do so as soon as possible.

The Social Economic Council SER had advised government in November 2012 to continue with the issuance of number plates when vehicle owners pay their tax to minimise loss of revenue. SER referred to the introduction of this new system as “too hard to enforce under the present circumstances” and considered it to carry a high risk of non-compliance. – THD

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