Defendants express their apologies to the King family

St. Maarten – Adding insult to injury, 29-year-old Meyshane Kemar J. had this to say in his last word at the end of the Thelma and Michael King murder trial: “I cannot see myself doing a lifetime in prison. I apologize to the Kings and I hope I can live with myself.”

“This is not a part of me,” teenager Jeremiah Chevon M. said. “I would maybe rob someone but I never planned for anyone to get killed. I would say sorry but I know you won’t accept it.”

Jamal W. apologized for what had happened. “There was no intention to harm anyone,” he said, “I ask for a second chance in my life.”

How all this will turn out will appear on May 8, when the Court in First Instance will pronounce the verdicts against the three men. Meyshane J. is facing a life sentence, Jeremiah M. is looking at 28 years behind bars and Jamal W. could be locked up for 24 years. TSXM


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