Armed robbery on Chinese restaurant

St. Maarten – Three armed masked men robbed a Chinese restaurant last Saturday in Phillipsburg..

At approximately 8 p.m. the men stormed into the Golden Alley Bar and restaurant and robbed the establishment. The suspects fled the scene after committing the crime.

A search was conducted for the suspects by the police, and found two of the suspects based on their description which was given by the victims.

The suspects took off running in different directions through dark alleys and streets and jumped over fences when noticing they were chased by the police. During this chase two shots were fired.

One 25-year-old suspect with the initials D.L. was caught on Cannegieter Street. In his possession he had a substantial amount of cash, numerous pre-paid phone cards, a back-pack containing several cellular telephones and another back-pack containing a pistol and a pair of gloves.

The suspect was arrested and all items found were confiscated for further investigation.

D.L. was taken to the police station where was turned over to the Special Robbery Unit for further investigation.

The two other suspects however were not arrested. The investigation is ongoing.


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