NEW PHOTOS: From home in Middle Region infants death

scene at middle rigion house 2

 Morgan points to a spot on a couch which was blood splattered. D.L.B lied down on the same couch prior to his vicious attack on the two month old child

scene at middle rigion house 1

Reid points to the area where D.L.B smashed to gain entry into the house

St. Maarten  – Public opinions that have been appearing in the social media about to the circumstances leading up to the bizarre killing of two months old Mark Reid Jr, is only adding insult to injury for the Jamaican couple who are still grappling with the tragic loss.

While the investigation into the murder which took place shortly before midnight on Tuesday evening is still in its initial stages, the speculations leading up to the killing of the two months old has been blown out of proportion by public opinion.

However, that is just one aspect Latoya Morgan and Mark Reid Sr, have to deal with in the aftermath of the tragedy. They still have to await to results on the autopsy to determine the actual cause of death before they can plan the funeral and they are now planning to relocate from the house in Middle Region after three years.

The couple was finally allowed to return to the house late on Wednesday afternoon after the police had collected physical evidence. When theToday was invited to visit the scene of the crime yesterday, a glass table which was smashed by D.L.B was placed outside for removal.

A piece of board partially covered the smashed window to the right of the door which allowed D.L.B to gain entry into the apartment. A deathly silence filled the air. “I cannot stay here anymore because of what took place here, I have to find somewhere else to go,” Morgan said.

She however expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams who took time off from her usually busy schedule to console her personally on Wednesday and her employers at Oyster Bay Resorts who provided the couple with a room to stay for a while.

“My landlord is a nice person and we have a good relationship. She even offered to bar up the windows for me, but I cannot stay here, the memories will always haunt me,” Morgan added. The first opportunity to see the earthly remains of Mark Jr presented itself yesterday when the parents were asked to identify the body officially in the presence of the police and as it turned out, that was not exactly a nice experience.

“I could not handle that, the father and his grandmother went, I don’t know how I will deal with it at the funeral,” the mother said. But as the father, Mark Sr had to do something he never even dreamt he would have to do.

“It takes a strong man to go and see his baby son lying dead and not being able to even touch him because that was not allowed. That man messed up my son real bad, it is real sad,” Mark Sr said.

In response to the negative comments that are being made, Reid who has been working at Sheriff Security for the better part of six years said he does not know D.L.B. personally although they worked for the same boss.

“I may have seen him maybe once or twice when I was working at the gate in Oyster Pond when he went to pick up his mother who works there. This company has many locations and if I am working on the north side, it’s not easy for me to know who works on the south side, but I never even spoke with him,” Reid stated.

“People are talking about that he is the baby’s father and all of that nonsense, it’s just that the devil came knocking on my door that night,” Reid pointed out. A grieving and now frustrated Latoya also vented her anger on the negative remarks that are being leveled against her at a time when she needs consolation instead.

“Some people saying that the guy is my boyfriend, I don’t even know him, I never saw him I only know his mother and that is really bad, it’s not right for people to say things like that,” she said.

Reid Sr also expressed his concerns when he was told that on the day of the funeral, it may be a closed casket. “That means that my son got damaged real badly with multiple stab wounds. From what I saw, he had bruises on his face, but I was not able to see the rest of his body.”

Even if the couple had decided to remain there, the vivid chalk marks along the crime scene will cause them to remember what transpired on the night of April 2 in front of the Wing Li Supermarket. – TSXM


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