SXM locals at PJIA being pushed over

Dear Editor, I saw the article that was written in the newspaper entitled “SXM Airport receives 48 bids for new concessions.” I would like to also inform you about the current local concessionaires who have been subjected to the bidding process which does not tailor to our small business community. What the airport is now offering is a five-year contract for large establishments that the average local person cannot afford to invest in for only five years.

Therefore, the majority of the owners who rent a 40 square metre concession at the airport are now being asked to submit proposals for stores that are 150 square metres to 1,000 square metres. Therefore, a lot of the “48” bids are coming from large franchises and foreign companies.

I was hoping with this information you could resubmit a new article that touches upon this matter. This is simply another example of St. Maarten selling themselves out to the highest bidder and a bunch of under the table deals.

Alissa Rios – TDH


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