Counterfeit politicians

Dear Editor, I would like to express my “bold” opinion about the Bada Bing affair. At last there is an investigation into the allegations of bribery. I will say the following with sardonic amusement. Apparently the United People’s Party (UP) wanted some Bacchanal for carnival 2013; however, PM Sarah Wescot-Williams and Deputy PM William Marlin have stated that there are provisions in place for politicians who “break” the law.

With respect to the Bada Bing affair, the NA/DP/I-3 MPs are mum like a secret society. Some MPs have been using specious arguments in private to defend their colleague’s inappropriate behaviour. When the chips are low, naturally, the king and the queen

(William and Sarah) would have to depend on each other to hold the fort. So then the Mighty Baker Jr. may have a strong point in his Calypso when he says “all of them thief.”

I hope that in the end the guilty ones would not just be chided in court with mere slaps on their wrists, because their “monkey business” has tarnished Soualigians reputation. “You see what I’m sayin?” Comrades, every country has some form of corruption; however, this

type of corruption has become endemic in our country among politicians. The question is where do we go from here? All is not lost, comrades, there is hope. The day is coming again when we will have our chance to judge these counterfeit politicians who are allegedly involved in “bobol.” Evidently, some of them got their wealth from being on the “bobol list.”

Democratically speaking, our elected officials are beholden to us. It is not “kosher” for them to use our mandate to scheme and to sell our patrimony. “You feeling me, comrades?” For us to truly see the dawn of a new day in this country all the incorrigible, counterfeit politicians must be voted out. The “dinosaurs” must be jettisoned, comrades. Straight up. Have a happy carnival 2013.

Julien F. Petty – (TDH)


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