Duncan: Permit on tape issued in 2011

roland duncan REAL BOSS

PHILIPSBURG–Minister of Justice Roland Duncan says the mention of his name twice in the recording of the so-called “Bada Bing Affair” means nothing, as the topics seemingly referred to are irrelevant.

The minister was speaking to TeleCuraçao at the time. He said as long as there were no concrete wrongful acts he supposedly had committed, he could not defend himself “against rumours.”

Duncan said the first time his name came up on the tape was in connection with the expansion of a permit. “I approved that as I am authorised to do since March of 2011 and it comes up more than a year later in September 2012, so there is no connection.”

The second mention regards an admittance extension. “It turned out such was never requested nor given, and on top of that wouldn’t be legal. Moreover, the head of Immigration is authorised to sign residence permits. I don’t even see such requests unless they are rejected,” Duncan said. THEDAILYHERALD


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