BREAKING NEWS: Man suspected of publicly killing toddler Wednesday, police investigating


All photos by sxmislandtimes

(SXMISLANDTIME) – PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – The authorities are now investigating a bizarre case in Middle Region which has left a baby dead in the middle of the public road.

According to information received, a man for unknown reasons got into an altercation in the Defiance Haven Nite Club where he is said to have destroyed property before making a violent departure.

During his angry departure it is said that he struck several cars before making his way to a home in Middle Region where he forcibly made his entry.

In that home the man who had obviously gone berserk managed to get hold of a toddler that was in the home and left the home running, swinging the baby which is believed to be only around two months old from side to side.

He continued running and as a result, made his way into the public road in Middle Region where he is reported to have slammed the body of the toddler into the ground killing the baby instantly.

The police is currently on the scene conducting an investigation. It is expected that more information will be provided later.,-police-investigating.html


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