Unpaid advisor, defending Jaap and Patrick


(TDH) – Dear Editor, Jaap is not a businessman. His only aim is to make people happy. He sees civil servants, working 8, 9, 10 hours a day. When they come home the food is not ready and when they go to bed their wives are tired. So Jaap started a foundation: Bada Bang! A place with a lot of poles. A place where St. Maarten men can learn how to climb the ladder to success. Jaap also invited poor girls from all over the world to climb the ladder to “sucksess.” By doing all this Jaap made a lot of St. Maarten men and a lot of foreign women very happy with his foundation.

Because Jaap was not a real businessman, he one day found out his foundation had a debt of 50.000 dollars. His big friend Theo was off island counting his bank accounts. But he had another good friend: Patrick, also an idealistic lover of his people. He had just started a nonprofit business called “Government.” Government is the only business in

St. Maarten whose workers decide how much they earn. So Patrick decided to make 150.000 dollars a year for bickering two days a week in parliament. So Patrick makes no point of borrowing Jaap 50.000 dollars. Jaap happy! So, when Jaap, after a while, is able to pay back his loan, he decides to put his paying back on a video. Just to show what friendship is all about. Seeing that movie, I was moved to tears.

My unpaid advice to the prosecutors: do not condemn Patrick. I lost 50.000 dollars in casinos. I need Patrick!

Gerard Bijnsdorp, looking for friendship!


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