Open Letter to the Government of St. Maarten

Disgusted CHILDERN

(TDH) – Dear Editor, Please allow me some space in your paper. After having read the budget presentation on the front page of The Daily Herald of March 27, 2013, I would like to make the following statements, “The Ministry of Education, Culture, and Youth and Sports was allocated the largest slice.

I personally have no high opinion of your education policy or your level of education in this country. I hear teachers complaining of unruly pupils who are not learning anything. The whole education system is a big mess. It’s horrendous and outward disastrous. There seems to be a plot in place to make all these children fail their education.

The Ministry of Justice also saw a cut to its budget. Why should this be? The crime situation is terrible. The normal citizen of this country can go nowhere to get his/ her

justice. I am not in the field of justice /law, what happened to “a small claims court”. Do we live in a justice system based upon democracy or do we live in a place where “the Law of jungle reigns?”

A small claims court is essential in any small democracy, one does not have to study law to know that. I see people daily in my practice who have had injustices done to them in whatever form and a “small claims court” would have been the correct answer to solve these petty but significant problems.

Minister Duncan of the Justice Department claims there are a lot of young girls out there prostituting themselves because of hard economic times. Well as a doctor I would say, a good functioning Government should have programmes in place where these young girls can get free contraceptive advice, free brochures on sexual health and maybe a small fee to be paid for a pregnancy test. STI medication should be available during your 4 year Government rule.

The churches are doing a lot more of their fair share to help these social problems. But we pay the taxes and we get nothing in return. Is St. Maarten a proper functioning Democracy? No, not at all, it is nothing but a banana republic waiting for a social

explosion. Thanks for allowing me to express my utter disgust. Sincerely,

Dr. Angelica Arrindell (M.D.)


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