Community Councils should receive government funding

(TDH) – Dear Editor, The Cay Hill community is the latest civil society organization to join the ranks of several other community councils in the country. The country’s Community Councils (CCs) should receive operational and investment funding from the government. Members of the board should receive a monthly salary for the work they do.

Of course, performance factors would also be introduced and accountability would be the order of the day, in order for the CC to continue to receive government financial support. A CC should also receive a minimum amount of funding for programmes, projects etc.

Some funding scenarios are: each district CC can receive an annual government grant of US $2 per resident in that district for its programmes; CC can also raise their own funds and for every US $1 donated, the government can match that with US $3.

The CC would initiate, plan and manage community programmes to promote community bonding and social cohesion, and assist with the upkeep of its own facilities. Residents can get involved in their community and work towards making life better for themselves and their fellowmen, especially in those areas that the specific district identifies itself.

CCs can also work closely with the seven government ministries with respect to activities and programmes that the respective ministry would like to introduce within a district. CC members are closer to the ground, and are more attuned and responsive to the specific needs of their communities. District communities are well aware of what plagues their communities. In the case of Cay Hill, residents coming together identified car wrecks on the roads, rodent infestations, running sewage, unemployment, lack of activities, lack of a basketball court, a community centre, cleaning up of the neighbourhood etc.

Communities coming together and working will further strengthen bonds within and this will also have far-reaching effects on other areas as well, which can only further enhance the liveability within the district.

Roddy Heyliger


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