Unfair treatment

run government

(TDH) – Dear Editor, Thank you for granting me some space in your well-read, daily, hot-from-the-press newspaper.

Lately we have heard a lot of negative talk about members of government and members of parliament allegedly involve in wrongdoings. Nothing new; it didn’t come as a surprise to many of us. Was to be expected, but when…..

We only hope to hear the outcome as well. Why “hope?” Because there is always a lot of noise, waiting to hear the “Bang” and then nothing, “Silence.” We go back to square one and the cycle continues, as is now the case: “Silence.”

The problem is that this government (before and after) is all about taking, taking, taking and more taking. However, giving back to the people is not in their vocabulary, except for one that gave us half a sandwich. He is absent to give us the other half of the sandwich.

Let’s start with the income tax return for now. For once, the people have got their assessment at least within six months after filing, if not shorter. It is six weeks in the well-developed countries, but I doubt we will be able to do it within that time frame, since the present waiting period is two years.

Is this not ridiculously long? Who is to blame? Is it the Minister of Finance or the Head of the Tax Department? Is it an individual thing or power play? Or are they short-staffed again?

When will the income tax form online for 2012 be ready? When will we have something done right in this country?

We can’t get our income tax return assessment in a specific time frame when filed, we can’t get the forms to file on time, not even online, but if you don’t file on time, you will be penalized for NAf. 250.

Who runs the tax office? What is the reason that tax payers have to wait two to three years before they can get their assessments? What is wrong with the system? When will we ever be able to have things done the right way and on time?

When will we ever be able to believe in our government?

It’s high time we rise up as a people and let our voices be heard.

Signed by a Taxpayer,

name withheld on request


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