Jaap Vanderhill and Patrick Pillage: Part Two.


(TDH) – Dear Editor, In no time Jaap became a famous, international movie maker and Patrick a popular artist.

Looking at Jaap Vanderhill’s movie, I did not exactly know what sort of movie it was. It was not a detective, not a western, not a love story, it was not a comedy, although I laughed a lot (when Patrick was stashing the thousands in his pocket) and it was not science fiction. What was it?

I asked my daughter Laura. She graduated from a Dutch film academy. Together we looked at the movie. Laura: “Daddy, this is pornography!” After saying this, she left me. She had better things to do than spending time on pornographic movies.

I love pornography, so I had another look at Jaap’s movie. And yes, after a while I agreed with my daughter. She was right.

In a porno movie we see two (or more) persons satisfying each other. That is exactly what Jaap and Patrick did. We see how Jaap satisfies Patrick. We see clearly the body parts with which they are satisfying each other: their hands. Jaap reaches out; Patrick loves the hand of Jaap and shakes it passionately. But………Patrick, although filled with pleasure, did not have the orgasm (50,000 dollars) he expected. Jaap promises Patrick to fully satisfy him in a while.

So, dear reader, I am looking forward to part two of Jaap’s movie, in which he is going to satisfy Patrick completely.

Gerard Bijnsdorp,

Lover of government and other adult entertainment.


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