Editorial: Silence

(TODAY) – We agree with the idea that the investigation into the Bada Bing bribery scandal must run its course. There is no point getting in the way of investigators who have to work their way probably through a ton of material before they are able to come up with the right questions for the main players in this sordid affair.
What we do not comprehend is why the politicians that have some sort of responsibility or that are seemingly involved – like our prime minister and our justice minister – apparently have nothing to say at this moment. Also, the leader of the opposition party UP stays carefully below the radar. Up to yesterday we received no response to a request for a statement.

This is not what the electorate expects from its leaders and from those who have been appointed to high positions. And then to think that the double-trouble Minister Duncan finds himself in would have been avoidable had the political establishment in 2010 decided to make the screening process completely open and transparent.

MP Illidge has chosen his corner by claiming that the money he received was from a loan and by mimicking Bada Bing owner Van den Heuvel’s statement that the video was made at the request of UP-leader Theo Heyliger who should by now really step up to the plate and clarify or get crucified.


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