Samuel initiates meeting about Illidge bribery case

(TDH) – ~ To meet with Governor, PM today ~ PHILIPSBURG–President of Parliament Rodolphe Samuel will meet with Governor Eugene Holiday and Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams today, Wednesday, at 2:00pm to discuss the “Bada Bing Affair” involving independent Member of Parliament (MP) Patrick Illidge.

Samuel proposed the meeting to Holiday and Wescot-Williams on Tuesday, and the two officials agreed to the meeting. The venue for the meeting was not made public in the parliament press statement issued Tuesday evening.

Illidge has been implicated in a case of alleged bribery with Bada Bing brothel-owner Jaap van den Heuvel. This is based on a video of the alleged collection of the bribe by Illidge from Van den Heuvel. The details of the video were published by The Daily Herald earlier this month.

Illidge had said on Thursday, that he had not visited the Prosecutor’s Office as yet in connection with the case. His legal advisor contacted the Prosecutor’s Office upon his return to the country over a week ago and was told that it was not necessary now. The MP declined to comment further when asked about the situation by the press after a Parliament meeting Thursday, due to the complexity of the case.

He was in Parliament on Thursday for central committee meetings to discuss the latest crime statistics and the establishment of the Monument Council.

Under the country’s laws, before an MP is investigated or questioned directly about any report of alleged wrongdoing, a lengthy legal procedure must be completed by the justice chain.

Several people have already been questioned in the case.


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