OPINION: Food for thought – Now that injustice has become law

(TDH)  – Dear Editor, It is blatantly obvious now that our government has absolutely no respect for the rule of law, good governance and democracy. While the people of St. Marten have lost all confidence and respect in the Justice system and our government, our prime minister and parliament continue to bury their heads in the sand, while pretending nothing is happening.

If our government had any semblance of decency, they would have called for a parliamentary enquiry to question the embattled senator and minister. What are they hiding? Are they ashamed? Is it because they all have butter on their heads and are afraid? If they want to regain any sense of credibility, they would replace Duncan with Captain Leo Chance until elections. Captain Leo Chance is a hard nose, non-corruptible, no-nonsense three-times Minister of Justice of the entire Netherlands Antilles; he has no political affiliations and would not be running in any future elections.

Patrick is an independent and you cannot expel him from parliament. However, you can expel him from the coalition government. He should have already done the honourable thing and resign from parliament himself. Many senators world-wide have had to resign for much less than what he did.

Also, replace Tuitt with Imran McSood. Tuitt is a failed businessman and has no clue of what it takes to drive economic growth. McSood is a proven successful business man, who knows what it takes to tighten the rains of government’s wasteful spending and drive economic growth.

If nothing is done shortly by parliament to bring back some sense of credibility to our government and justice system, and I don’t think it will. Because, they are surrounded by convicted felons and suspected criminals as advisors and law-makers. Still wondering why laws and the constitution were written to protect them from prosecution? Because, they are a special elite class of kings and queens, and we are the peasant slaves.

We are urging The Hague and the Kingdom government to dissolve this parliament, replace it with a caretaker government for six months, and call for new elections.

Now that injustice has become law, resistance must now become duty.

Peter Gunn


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