Keiva poses … for Konshens’ Sekkle Dung campaign


Keiva poses semi-nude, showing support for Konshens and Raine Seville’s ‘Sekkle Dung’ campaign. – Contributed

(JA) – JAMAICA – Popular dancer-businesswoman Keiva is bringing her modelling aspirations to light and has posed nude for Raine Seville and Konshen’s Sekkle Dung promotions campaign.

The slim but curvaceous dancer says Jamaicans should support each other instead of trying to find negative things to say about the Sekkle Dung movement.

Semi-nude pictures featuring reggae-dancehall artiste Raine Seville and Konshens were first circulated on the web two weeks ago. However, Keiva’s new picture has breathed new life into the ongoing controversial movement.

“People are saying this and that about nudity, and stuff like that. But when Beyoncé and Rihanna do it, they don’t complain. They just don’t want to support their local people. What if I was to pose nude for a big international magazine in the US? I am just bold like that, and I don’t let negative people get me down,” Keiva said.

According to the dancer, she is quite confident about her appearance.

“I am confident in my body. How much woman have pickney and have a body like this? If the ladies with their fake bodies can show it off, why can’t I show mine, and it’s all real? I am just enjoying life. I have always thought about people and their negative comments, but not anymore. I am just doing me now. I already know that I am a great person and a great mother, and I know what I represent,” she said.

Keiva revealed that since she uploaded the photo, she has got a great deal of support from the public. She said she always wanted to be a model, however, she was a little too short to model professionally.

This marks the first time that the dancer has gone nude for a shoot; however, she has dabbled in modelling before. She was selected as the face of Glow & White cosmetics last year, posing on the boxes of several of the company’s products.

showing support

Taking full responsibility for her nude picture, supporting Konshens and Raine Seville, Keiva said: “Raine Seville is a good friend of mine, and she is very supportive. I never forget people who give me support, and she is always there for me, and she is talented, though she is too laid-back at times. Konshens is also a good friend, so I am just showing support for my friends,” Keiva said.

In the controversial picture, Keiva wears knee-high boots and a bra. She also holds a sign in her hand with the words ‘Sekkle Dung p….’ The sexually explicit Sekkle Dung single was released last week.

Keiva said she will be expanding her Keiva’s Kloset clothing store to include a shoe gallery, which will sell shoes for both males and females. She is also booked to appear at several upcoming local and international events.


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