(TEN) – TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO – At around 11.30 a.m. the helicopter made a hard landing in a forested area off the Chatham Main Road.

The Civil Aviation Authority is investigating how the craft went down.

The Express was told that said a party of police officers of the South -Western Task Force and Siparia CID had already found, and were destroying the crop.
The five seater helicopter had landed in a clearing several times.
It was while making another touch down that the spinning blades struck the branch of a tree. The helicopter went down, damaging the landing gear, and rotors.

Chief executive officer with the South West Regional Health Authority
Anil Gosine confirmed that a crew member was treated for soft tissue injures at the San Fernando General Hospital and discharged.

Heavy equipment from a company working nearby was called in to assist in lifting the craft onto a transport truck. The helicopter was this afternoon being prepared to be taken to the National Helicopter Services compound at Camden, Couva.
Police said they destroyed 70,000 marijuana trees on seven acres of land, and well as seedlings. The crop has an estimated street of 70 million dollars.

No one was arrested.

Senior Superintendent Gilbert Ramsey, Superintendent Franklin Sampath, and Inspector Harold Seedharie were involved in the exercise.

Richard Charan – (Multimedia Editor)


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