Stop destroying the lives of our young people – ILANDVIBEZ.COM

PHILIPSBURG—“Destroying the lives of our young people by sending them to prison, in some cases for decades,  over petty crimes while we give a pat on the wrist to those in authority and with financial means who abuse their positions and commit worst crimes must not be allowed to continue.  People who are not from this island but who live in certain areas of the island and occasionally grease the palms of greedy parliamentarians are allowed to go scot free […]

Lets Improve Our Communities Together – St Maarten Community Enhancement Survey

If you share a true passion for change on our beautiful island.. Please take a few out of your time to fill out the much needed following survey…
This survey is to help gather Data that may influence Policy changes in the following sectors of Agriculture, Education, Tourism, Poverty Irradiation, Unemployment, Food Security and Sustainability, Networking and Community Development in St Maarten !

St Maarten Agricultural Skill Enhancement training program starts this September

Here is our chance to change ONE PERSON, ONE COMMUNITY , ONE DAY AT A TIME while still being compensated for it! HUH ???? Its true, Take the survey and register today or get someone you know involved that is motivate and willing to take advantage of this great learning experience …

Cultural Xpression August 2016 – Exclusive interview with Big Blacks

BIG UP GEE MONEY AND LASER 101 – The supporters of this Newsmagazine all contribute in one way or another toward the development and sustainability of the St Peters Community Garden Research and Development Center.. It’s not all about money , its about the reason for giving or doing. TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE , ONE LIFE, ONE COMMUNITY , ONE DAY AT A TIME… We Want to thank all of you!!!!

Cultural Xpression July 2016 Interviews with Mr Michael W Smith and A Static – St Maarten Argriculture

This months Edition We got a chance to interview upcoming rising Artist A-Static and International Gospel Artist Michael W. Smith who took timeout of their busy schedule to share with us a bit more about their progress. A Static is a hard working upcoming Hip Hop  Artist here on St Maarten you may know him from songs…